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Welcome to LEAD International, where our passion and purpose converge to make a difference. We are an organization committed to creating positive change by empowering communities worldwide. We prioritize our efforts to the following areas: Language, Economic, Agricultural, Development.

Our Initiatives

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Throughout history the advance of a civilization’s communication systems has proved to be one of the most fundamental cornerstones of progress within that society or language group. Because of this we engage in literacy and translation initiatives and provide learning opportunities in languages of wider communication such as English. Language development initiatives are foundational for progress and should be viewed as one of the most basic means of advancement.


For individuals and communities committed to rising out of poverty, we initiate forums for the development of local capital such as savings groups. This effort is accompanied with regular teaching and accountability for the long-term financial health of communities. Savings groups that provide accountability and teaching are provided for participants desiring a loan to start or to expand a community owned business. 

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We assist small-scale farmers in finding solutions and in utilizing agricultural tools that will empower them not only to feed themselves but also to develop marketing opportunities. Fair-trade possibilities are investigated for agricultural enterprises where there’s a need for further marketing options.


Everything LEAD becomes involved with must have the end goal of true community-owned development, based on the resources already available within that region. Asset-based community development creates dignity among a people group by focusing on utilizing what they have instead of dependency on outsiders to supply what they do not. Though handing out loaves and fishes may be necessary in some contexts, our goal is to teach people how to grow their own grain and to catch their own fish.

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If you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to answer any questions you have about our organization.

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